Allied Health NDIS Registration Support

Who is this website for?

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This website has been designed for businesses delivering allied health services to NDIS participants. This website helps you: 

  • Decide if you want and/or need to become a registered NDIS provider 
  • Determine which modules you need to become compliant with to register 
  • Prepare the documentation required for registration 
  • Implement systems which will improve your business practices & maintain registration over time. 

Resources are aimed at businesses providing allied health services with 1-6 staff. 

Many of the resources provided will be useful for larger businesses but it is anticipated larger businesses will need additional resources related to running larger organisations – particularly in the Governance and Operational Management Standard. 

A webinar detailing the  recent changes and updates to this website is available here.

What is NOT available on this website?

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While this project will help a large proportion of allied health professionals, it does not provide: 

  • individualised help to providers 
  • assistance to comply with supplementary modules (High intensity daily personal activities, Specialist behaviour support and Early childhood supports).


Where are you at in your Registration journey?

Unsure if need to register / re-register / First time registering?

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The Registration Overview page will help you decide if your business should register.

Preparing for the re-registration process?

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Registration renewal 

Registered NDIS Providers are required to renew their registration. 

This is so the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission can be satisfied: 

  • the supports and services you are providing to NDIS participants are being delivered in line with the current Practice standards and Quality Indicators  
  • you continue to maintain and utilise the Quality Management System implemented during the initial registration phase 
  • the services you provide are achieving the intended outcomes for participants. 

Please note: The practice standards and quality indicators as well as the Verification module requirements were updated in November 2021. 

Some aspects of this resource were updated in 2023 in response to the 2021 changes which may help you update your systems and prepare for registration renewal. You can see a summary of what changed here

A step-by-step guide on how to renew your registration and your requirements is provided by The Commission here and a package of information for registered providers is here. If you need to vary anything about your registration, for example adjust the classes of supports (registration groups) you are registered to provide, consider this information. 

Maintaining registration & QMS and wondering if there have been any updates to this resource?

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You can see a summary of what has changed here