Allied Health NDIS Registration Support

I am already registered, do I need to, when and how do I maintain my registration?

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You will need continually re-register and undergo additional audits over time. Read the summary and access the links on the re-registration pathway page to answer your questions about maintaining your registration via the re-registration process 


How do I find out which of my competitors are NDIS registered?

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You can use the tool at this link to determine if your competitors are registered or to consider how many registered providers already exist in a particular location. 

Have changes been made to this website?

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Yes the website was updated in October 2023. The changes made at this time are summarised here.

I am an allied health provider currently registered for Therapeutic Supports. What happens if I don’t re-register now but decide to register later? Is the process the same or more complicated?

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The process is exactly the same. You can choose when you want to re-register.

If I change from being a sole trader to a company within my current registration period do I need to inform the Commission?

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Yes, you need to inform the NDIS Commission you have changed your business structure and are now operating as a Pty Ltd company. Contact the registration team at the Commission on 1800 035544. The Commission will decide if you need to re-register and what Practice Standards you need to comply with. 

How long will it take to prepare for audit?

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This depends on a number of factors, particularly how much you already have in place and what resources you are able to devote to implementing the required systems. Estimated times for preparation are below. 

For Verification
If you are a small organisation, and able to devote a reasonable amount of time to adapting the provided documents, you should be able to submit your application to the Commission with 4-6 weeks. 

You will then need to be able to show the auditors that you (and your team) are using these documents so allow at least a month for your team to be ready. 

For Certification
Certification preparation takes a considerably longer period of time, particularly if you have few documented systems in place. Even using all the resources provided in this website it will take you time to do such things as: 

  • Develop documents such as strategic plans, position descriptions 
  • Demonstrate implementation of management systems such as compliance checking, governance 
  • Ensure all your team has been trained and has adopted the required systems 
  • Begin to complete quality improvement audits. 

Auditors will be looking for this evidence when reviewing documents and talking to your team and your participants. You should therefore be thinking of 6-12 months of preparations. 

How much will the audit cost?

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This depends on a number of factors. 

Verification audits are cheaper as they do not require an on-site visit. They tend to start at around $1,000 but can vary depending on what is provided in that baseline quote. Additional charges may apply if the auditors need to chase you for additional evidence or if you need to do additional work after the audit that the auditor then needs to check is compliant. 

Certification audits are considerably more expensive as they generally require at least one on-site visit. The audit costs are also dictated by the length of an audit and the personnel that the audit organisation has to send. This is determined by the types of NDIS supports you offer and the size and complexity of your organisation. In addition, depending on the location of your organisation and the location of the audit organisation, you may also have to pay for travel and accommodation costs. 

Audit organisations also tell us that the more organised and prepared a provider sounds when they ring for a quote may positively influence the quote! 

Do I need to be registered with NDIS?

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This is a business decision for you and it will depend on your caseload and business plans. Refer to theOverviewpage on this website for more information. 

Questions and feedback regarding this resource can be submitted to AHPA using the form below.  AHPA cannot provide individualised help to providers. Questions about NDIS registration relating to your specific circumstances can be directed to the NDIS Commission Registration Team on 1800 035 544. 

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